How To Find The Best Private Counselor For College

Going to the counselor is inevitable in many situations, but what does legal advice cost? Very short legal information from the lawyer you get with a little luck free by phone; Actually, however, this is not allowed to offer his consulting services for free. There are clear legal requirements for the remuneration of private college counselor in the form of fee rates to be levied for certain professional activities. Counseling fees can also be charged by the hour. A special case is the first consultation – in the first interview, the expert analyzes the situation, whereupon a mandate can be established. For the cost of initial consultation by the lawyer applies a fixed upper limit, when taking over the mandate, the amount is credited to the follow-up costs, ie lapsed. Our tip for you : First get non-binding offers from several lawyers, in order to make a preliminary comparison of the expected costs.

The counselor Compensation Act (RVG) stipulates that the fee for a first consultation with the lawyer may cost private individuals between 15 and 190 euros plus flat-rate fees and VAT. If the funds are too small, the state supports its citizens with counseling assistance, which can be applied for at the local district court. Even a legal expenses insurance can take effect here. If legal advice goes beyond the first meeting, the hourly rate for lawyers may be less than € 100, depending on factors such as the amount of the item to be litigated and the professional experience of the lawyer.

Legal advice to the lawyer: advice and information
The legal jargon differentiates between advice and information: a council corresponds to a recommendation, an information refers to the concrete contents of the paragraphs of the law books. If the chances of success of a lawsuit are low, the counselor can advise his potential client to refrain from the costly and costly procedure.
Costs for legal advice are in proportion to the quality
It is one of the professional duties of a lawyer to inform his clients as comprehensively and thoroughly as possible. He must realistically assess opportunities and risks, and he must not neglect possible ways of relieving his client – he must always act to the best of his knowledge and belief. Higher costs for legal advice can additionally motivate him to actually do his best. In addition, the costs of legal advice are, of course, always to be considered in connection with the lawyer’s professional ability and the related expectation of success in a court case.…