Types of Neckties | How to Wear Men’s Tie or Neckwear to Fashion?

Like it or not, ties are an essential part of most guys’ wardrobes. Even if you only wear them once in a while, it’s a must to have at least a couple on hand for special occasions. Nevertheless, you might be asking yourself if there are other types of neckwear besides the traditional medium-sized tie that can be worn for formal occasions. The good news is that you do have other choices.


Bow ties for men come in a wide variety of fabrics, colors and styles, which makes them an excellent alternative for any occasion. Just remember to wear a bow tie that is in proportion to your body size. Bigger, taller guys can get away with wider and longer bow ties, for instance. More diminutive gentlemen should opt for shorter, narrower varieties. For formal events, choose only black and white, leaving shinier and patterned choices for more formal styles. When it comes to a fancier occasion, self-tie bow ties are preferable to the pre-knotted ones.


First appearing in the 1950s, this type of tie is nothing more than a strip of silk or satin that crosses over at your throat and is fastened in place by a pin or snap. This elegant alternative to the conventional tie continues to be popular and is particularly suited to dressy events.


You have probably seen these necktie alternatives, which consist of a cord or piece of braided leather with decorative tips that are known as aglets. These are held in place with ornamental clasps or a slide. Commonly associated with the southwestern United States and the Western wear that is popular there, bolos can be worn even for dressy occasions, particularly if you are comfortable with that particular regional look.


If you want to add a bit of shine and style to your collar, why not incorporate a collar chain into your wardrobe? These metallic accessories clip to the collar of your shirt and are virtually effortless to put on and to wear, particularly if you’re not a big fan of tying fancy knots.

Aren’t you glad to know that you can still set yourself apart from every other guy in the room at a formal occasion even if you don’t wear a slate blue tie? Sure, you should still keep a few in your closet. However, they are by far not your only fashion choice.