Why Vitagenne Is A Great Choice For CBD Products

With more and more people turning to CBD products for pain relief and other issues, the quality of those products has become a spotlight issue. The cannabis industry is so new that testing and product verification is barely established, so its important to find companies that are on top of that whole process.

That’s where Vitagenne and vitagenne.com enter the picture. For starters, the company’s CBD products are homegrown in Kentucky, and they’re in compliance with the state’s pilot research program.

As a result of being in that program, the quality of the hemp is first-rate. That means they’re among the most effective you can buy, but it still helps to know how they work.

Vitagenne’s CBD products match up with our own Endocannaboid system, and this allows them to support, regulate and maintain our immune systems and our physical well-being. The company is also involved in research efforts to help define and improve the qualities of CBD that provide these amazing benefits.

It’s also important to know something about the terminology pertaining to these products. CBD isolates are one form of the product—they’re produced by extracting the isolate and removing all the other compounds that are native to the plant.

The other form of the product is called full spectrum extract. This refers to the oil extracted from the hemp plant, and this oil contains all the native compounds, which includes terpennes, vitamins, omega fatty acids and essential oils.

The benefit here is that these compounds can work together to enhance the overall benefits, so it’s worth considering both products.

Another benefit of considering the products sold on vitagenne.com is the thoroughness of the testing the company does. All products are thoroughly analyzed to determine their cannaboid profile as well as their potency.

This includes the THC levels, along with any bacterial or microbial contaminants, and tests for yeast and mold are part of the procedure. Moreover, these results are posted online in the vitagenne.com batch database, so you can scan the stickers labeled “QR” on each product page and on the box as well. This allows you to go above and beyond to verify the safety and quality of Vitagenne’s products, which in turn helps ensure customer wellness.

Finally, the company as a stellar return policy that includes a 30-day money back guarantee. This includes full refund, and the policy is backed up by immediate access to support and customer service.