Factors To Look For When Choosing The Right Optometrist

One of the most common areas we tend to overlook when maintaining our health is our vision. As we age, our vision gradually deteriorates and that’s why eye care professionals highly recommended that you have an eye exam at least annually to evaluate the overall condition of your eyes as well as to determine the quality of your vision.

But unfortunately, many people still choose to ignore this important piece of advice and postpone their yearly eye exam until they start having trouble with their vision or have some type of infection in their eyes. This is when they are forced to visit an eye doctor for treatment, not aware that it might be too late to salvage their situation.

 Depending on your reason to visit an eye doctor, there are have two different types of ocular health experts you can consult. The most common type of eye specialists is an Optometrist. Most people visit an optometrist or OD to check their vision, to get prescription for glasses or contact lenses, or to seek treatment for common eye problems such as conjunctivitis. The other eye specialist you can see is an ophthalmologist who usually treats all types of eye conditions, prescribes medication for all eye diseases, and even performs eye surgery. 

How to Find the Best Eye Doctor in Castle Rock Colorado

1. Research the Eye Doctor’s Credentials 

It’s important to find an eye doctor who has undergone the necessary training and has skills to practice. Usually, an optometrist studies for four years in an undergraduate college and an additional four years for a Doctor of Optometry (O.D.) degree. The doctor should also be board certified and with a valid practicing license.

2. Malpractice History

The next thing you need to check is if the optometrist has a history of disciplinary actions or malpractice claims. A website like Healthgrades has information about eye doctors near you including their level of training, certifications, or any malpractice claims filed against them. Your eyes are very important sense organs and you don’t want a quack doctor to gamble with them. 

3. Consider the Experience 

Experience does matters a lot when you’re finding an eye doctor in Castle Rock. The more experienced your optometrist is, the better eye care he or she will give you. Also, find out about the doctor’s complication rates and if possible, ask them for at least five contacts of their previous clients.

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