Your One Stop For Pet Supplies

Having a pet is a full-time job all on its own. From the time you have to take every day for their walks, food and even their playtime. However, when they reward us with their affection it’s obvious that it was worth every minute.

That said one area where they can’t help us is on their grocery runs. Nowadays most stores have a dedicated pet section, but it isn’t always as comprehensive as we’d like. Sometimes we just need a store that covers everything we could need for them, and that’s where Centinela Feed & Pet Supplies comes in.

Everything Dogs and Cats could need in a single place

Right now Centinela is fully focused on catering to the needs of dogs and cats, and at that they are unbeatable. A lot of stores focus on carrying food, collars, and some selected apparel to increase their stock. But the team at Centinela makes sure that you can buy anything you might need.

Collars and food are of course available in a wide selection. But even then they carry regular bagged food, frozen treats, raw food, and even dental chews so every possible food need is covered.

On top of that, they carry crates for dogs, scratchers for cats, feeders, waterers, and some products that are ultimately meant for you. Tired of all that fur that has completely taken over your floor or carpet? They count with specialized combs to avoid the fur falling in the first place. And rollers for your floor as well.

From herbs to treats and toys, there’s no shortage of anything on Centinela’s stock and that makes it the definite stop for pet owners.

Available both locally and online

Right now Centinela Feed & Pet Supplies counts with over ten unique stores in the state of California. This means that any Cali local should be able to find a store near them. But if that isn’t the case there’s still no need to worry.

Centinela counts with a constantly updated online store that makes sure you don’t even need to visit them in person. Their entire catalog is available for you over at their website. And this means that from today onwards you won’t even need to make another grocery run. Just find the items you need to restock on and order away.

You already make a lot for your pet, and Centinela is here to make that easier on you. Find everything you could need in their stock, and discover new products that will improve the quality of your life at home and that of your loved pet.